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Immigration Stories

Immigration stories inspired by real news by Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher, author, playwright, storyteller, stage actor and director.

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Fear of immigrants phobia: imagine it was a scam

Football fan's nightmare

The fantastic language

Nuremberg trial of the third millennium

World refugee day 2018: Letter to Martin Luther King

Inside the Aquarius

The invasion

Canticle of the Immigrant Creatures

Viktor Orb├ín’s rule

The law of migrants

The truth about immigration 2018

Humanitarian aid is a crime for everyone? 

The Italian Scapegoat

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True short stories collection inspired by real events
Alessandro Ghebreigziabiher


Viral news rules

The Jus Soli's Tale

World Refugee Day at Mary's home

US Mexico border wall: Do you think it's crazy?

Letter to future "migrants"

There was once nothing

Stories of heroes on wrong story's right side

Immigrant man suicide death in Venice video story

Babatunde's dream

What color are they?

The king's statue

The world's best place for refugees

Who is the real clandestine?

Worlds and borders

Drowned Syrian boy picture in the infinite worlds

Migrants in Hungary and Macedonia: I make walls

Czech police mark refugees with numbers: Jews and Nazis in the future

The refugee from the sea and the man on the shore

What Merkel told Palestinian child refugee to make her cry: forgive us

World Sleep Day 2016 story: Amir’s dream

Migrant and refugee children 22 thousand in Greece in the prince's castle

Austria Migrants Wall: the Waltz

The three questions

Gambia goalkeeper last match

Migrants boat capsized off Libya: 27 stories

Geert Wilders inciting discrimination story in Ice Age

Migrants drown in Mediterranean

The future of my people

Illegal immigrant saves life of a woman: what cannot be taken

The child hidden in the trolley: there is life there 

Migrants death in Mediterranean video storytelling

Italy migrant boat capsizes video game restart 

Lampedusa 300 migrants dead: we are human

Story about gun control

Migrant deaths at sea 2015: 700 children

Denmark seize refugees valuables: what I offer

Migrants wall: the man who feared himself

Calais Migrants sew lips together to protest: the thread that saves the world

Migrants between Europe and Turkey: the playing cards