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Enrage the tyrant

The tyrant is angry.
It is not because a random guy thought he can travel from the world strictly south of his kingdom, and at the same time pretended to get close enough to look him straight in the eye.
Nor because this south is not so far. Since, as the overvalued boundary geography states, the Americas are two, not one, and Honduras is part of it as well as the US.
It is not because the lovers of hope and improbable horizons are more than one, but four thousand.
Nor because they reveal the intention to break through that wall of lies and folly between the land of reserved opportunities and Mexico.
Not because we talk about a caravan of migrants without any trace of fear of the sovereign liar.
He is infuriated the same.
He perfectly knows that the utopian plan will fail, the prospectors of the future have no chance of entering the naked king’s garden, undressed of every humanity’s fragment, and that the guards appointed to defend the world conquered thanks to native blood genocide, …

Worse than the prison

Worse than the prison.
That’s how the inmates used to define the detention centers for illegal immigrants in the United Kingdom, where more than twenty-five thousand people pass each year.
Rehabilitation is not provided.
There is no trial.
One judge, the government.
No defense attorney.
The prosecution does not need a witness.
No look for evidences.
While the strange type of defendant, guilty of poor birth, can not appeal to any court in the world.
There is no criminal sentence to be issued.
And, therefore, no limit to be affixed to the sentence’s duration.
Because it starts from afar – read as well that unfortunate first wandering on earth, and just as far away it will find peace.
There are cells, indeed.
So the guards and legalized abuses.
Anguish and fear.
The deafening silence on the sweet side of the barbed wire crown, the true boundary that divides the earth into two unequal parts.
Worse than the prison, yes it is.
But, feeling even more bitter, worse than life itself which the u…

Mare Ionio Mediterranea: war or peace

The Mare Ionio (Ionian Sea) vessel sailed last night from Augusta to Libya and is part of Mediterranea, the first international sea mission fully organized in Italy.
The project, supported and financed by various associations and political exponents, will officially have tasks of monitoring, testimony and denunciation.
Meanwhile, the number of migrants dead in the sea that divides Europe from Africa has reached its historical highs. According to a new study by the researcher Matteo Villa, of the Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI), only in September 2018 20% of those who left Libya were deceased or missing.
Waiting to see how the current Italian government will counterattack, the war continues...

I will go.
And I will wait for you on the bank.
I will go the same and I will sail.
And I, to shake the sea and your heart, I will blow on the waves.
I will dance among them and I will feel bravery staring at the future that I have never even dreamed of.
And I, to attract mon…