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Happy birthday Horst Seehofer

Happy birthday Horst Seehofer.
Best wishes to the German Minister of the Interior.
Happy birthday to the Teutonic Salvini.
Sorry for the delay, of course, because you celebrated your personal anniversary the 4th July.
Eight days ago.
Here is the distance between the inhuman madness of inept people with power and the sad reality of the unfortunate souls on this earth.
You were to toast before the 69 candles turning them into human trophies, blowing them away like negligible flames of equally insignificant existences of wax.
You have chosen to rejoice in front of the grotesque coincidence of years on the shoulders and expelled lives.
Well, it will be because you blew with excessive arrogance.
Or, perhaps, it is simply a cruel fate to realize beyond all expectations your wishes expressed during the festive occasion.
Keep laughing, then, be consistent with the brutal cynicism that pervades your body.
Because a 23-year-old man, who had lived in Germany since he was 15, once in Afghanistan …