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The List of dead immigrants

Once upon a time a list.
The list of 34,361 women, men and children who died trying to reach Europe and find a better life.
Once upon a time a story, indeed.
A fairly, but not so impossible one, if you pay attention to facts, instead of fake news and ignorant screams.
So, once upon a time women, men and children that would fill a small town, not great as many used to say.
Well, let’s imagine it.
Let’s figure families and friends, travelers or just human beings arriving in a little city, one of those that doesn’t get so many tourists.
But there is life, anyway.
There will be for sure.
Once upon a time, and it is now, a world where there is place for that.
A chance and a right to survive.
Getting food and shelter, a wonderful list of two, an easy one to remember and more than all realize.
Once upon a time, sadly, 34,361 women, men and children disappeared somewhere.
But still asking for human answers and actions...

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Aquarius boat migrants story

Once upon a time there were human lives, because this they are talking, writing, and shouting away about.
Once upon a time there was a ship full of life.
Once upon a time there were nations in war with words and illusions.
There were once maneuvering plutocrats and enslaved bureaucrats.
Once upon a time there were populist digital leaders and digital peoples without leaders.
Once upon a time there was a continent of frustrated hopes.
Once upon a time there were desperate lives looking for a future.
Once upon a time there was story.
Repeated again, again and again.
Sadly equal to itself.
Here it is the world's most loved sport, in which we have all qualified with all the disgraces.
We against them…

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Special immigrants ranking

Yes they are.
On chairs where you least suppose that, if you got out now, a not much lines from fullness and, above all, thought foundations.
Well, is not evading such troubles that nowadays the ferociously populist inhabitant makes his unquestionable deductions?
Is it not with the same rough calculation that he decides and then elects?
In short, is not it sufficient to understand the post’s title to give away the destiny of lots of generations?
Nonetheless, if you had got time and interest to see more, I inform you that ten thousand special migrants from all over the world arrived last year in Australia, a record nation for this particular ranking…

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Immigration Stories about new Italian government

Relaxing in the lodging of a word that you have relentlessly deflated of all sense.
‘Left’, just like that, along with the crucial themes which you should have taken a reliable position on.
I’m talking about migrants, let's begin with the least stoppable one.
You voted for the fascism when you started to persuade yourself that being a left guy merely meant tolerating the strangers, rather than being the one who greets the newcomer with open arms. And you did the same in the right instant you assumed immigration meant exclusions and ships, borders and fences, falling into the miserable difference among illegal immigrants and second generations, among economic migrants and political refugees…

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